Construction Dispute - quickly agreed settlement

Work had been suspended due to delays in implementing the final part of the Party Wall Award for the basement, this was enough to halt all the work. The Contractor put in a reasonable claim for compensation, to cover his losses. A meeting was arranged, however the Employer brought in a ‘Contract expert’ from Devon who informed the Contractor there was no provision in the contract for compensation.

The Contractor spoke to a surveyor who recommended Lee Kyson.

Lee discussed the situation, looked at the contract documents and suggested another meeting with the Employer. Based on Lee's advice, C attended a meeting with E and subsequently agreed a compensation figure of £12½k and received a 16 week extension of time.  

Construction Dispute- Client brings in own workforce to complete works - Refurbishment project in Hackney.

The project, in Victoria Park, Hackney, was nearing completion, Contractor arrived on site one Monday morning only to find a bunch of workers using his tools and materials. The Client tells him 'its OK we'll finish it now'.  Lee advises the Contractor to pursue the matter through Adjudication. Contractor wins and receives £4,000 for loss of profit.