The resolution of a construction dispute is rarely easy. The nature of the dispute, the contract and events all play a role in how the matter may be resolved. It is the unravelling of the intertwined threads leading to the dispute that can quite often ascertain whether a position of damage limitation is adopted or whether to go on the offensive. Quite often once the root cause of a dispute is determined and clearly explained the dispute may be resolved within a matter of hours. However, in some instances the parties are so entrenched that neither will give way and the only paths will be litigation, arbitration or adjudication.  

Lee has recently successfully assisted both Contractors / Builders and Employers / Clients in either presenting their claim or defending a claim against them.

This recently culminated in the defence of a £65k claim against a Contractor from Barking by going on the offensive and successfully presenting a case for Adjudication to determine the validity of the Termination of Contractor's employment under a JCT MW2011 contract.

There will be some case studies to follow shortly.

Contact us for a preliminary assessment of your situation even if it's a case of damage limitation.